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We progress in life through Stages of Awareness.  They are the nine ports-of-call everyone must visit along life’s spiritual journey.  Understanding the precepts of this powerful philosophy will help each of us to successfully navigate through them.

But “The Stages of Awareness” is also an exciting and uplifting musical drama conceived of and presented by Al Leone and Kenny Simmons in 1994.  Based upon these nine words, and developed around the songs that were themselves Al Leone’s inspiration for the philosophy, the work was initially produced at the “One Dream Theater” in Tribecca, NYC, for seven nights that all who attended will long remember.  The play was then expanded into a multi-episode self-help series intended for cable distrubution.  A pilot was filmed and broadcast at OBC-TV in Nutley, NJ, and demonstrated live on Carol Martin’s “Alive and Wellness” show, part of the “America’s Talking” network (later to become MSNBC).

Written while the dawn of the new millennium was still on the horizon, it is destined to shine its light when needed most - now!


The Stages of Awareness

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