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“Enlightening The World By Uniting Its Artists” TM

The songwriting partnership of Al Leone and Kenny Simmons began in 1982 through the fortuitous intervention of a mutual friend.  It quickly evolved into a full-scale music production and artist management company built on the desire to help other musicians and performers also realize their dreams.  When 1993 brought a change in personal and corporate direction toward more life-affirming and spiritually-focused goals, Al and Kenny found that the artists being attracted to them shared their vision and aspirations.

Following the success of their live presentations in the mid ‘90’s of
“The Stages of Awareness,” featuring their band “Chemistry,” as well as appearances to promote their album “Put God In Your Life,” with
“The G.O.D. Team,” came the inspiration for their next giant leap forward.
“Leone and Simmons Music Productions” envisioned bringing together on the same stage the various artists the founders had met who all had one fundamental thing in common.  Though their ideologies and forms of spiritual expression would differ, these gifted individuals had dedicated their lives and talents to sharing their faith and convictions with others.
Al and Kenny felt that perhaps the world’s artists could do what its political, business, and religious leaders had failed to do.  That was to provide a unified moral and social consciousness not bound by specific ideologies, one capable of inspiring and encouraging people with divergent beliefs to join with each other for a greater purpose – the creation of a better world.

A series of “One Spirit Concerts” was staged in 1998 as a prototype for their dream.  The time has arrived to make that dream come true!


The One Spirit COncert Series

(Coming Soon!)