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“A long, long time ago in a far away land where dreams come true, lived a little princess.  She was a sweet and beautiful little princess.  Her parents, the king and queen, gave her everything money could buy, but all she ever wanted in her life was someone to love.  And like all little girls and boys everywhere, she wanted someone who would love her just as much in return.  She wanted this more than anything.  In fact, it was her secret wish, her special secret that she kept deep in her heart.  She had to hide it, so that the king and queen would never find out.  After all, they couldn't understand her ever wanting anything.  They gave her more things than she would ever be able to use in her whole life – boxes loaded with pretty toys and closets filled with the most beautiful clothes.  They gave her everything – everything except real love.  All the riches in their big kingdom couldn't buy her that . . .”

A spark of light shone within the heart of the little princess, and filled her with the hope that one day she would know true love.  Her prayers seemed to be answered when a mythical figure known only as “the corporal” visited the kingdom to share a beautiful message about the importance of love for all and believing in yourself.  The trials of life soon erased the memory of his message, not to be rekindled until the princess herself as a young woman had to sacrifice everything to fulfill her purpose and find the love she’d always dreamed of.


Written in 1995 by Shannon Hall and Al Leone, “The Corporal and the Little Princess” is an inspiring fantasy for young and old alike.  Children will see in the main characters endearing role models to help them live with love and self-belief foremost in their hearts and minds, while adults will find healing and peace for the child within, and come to realize the need for sharing with and teaching to the children around them these values.

The Corporal and the Little Princess

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